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We urgently need international cooperation and solidarity!

Therefore we are calling for fast approval of Russian, Chinese and Cuban vaccines and medicines against Covid-19. Furthermore all Covid-related vaccines and treatments need to be patent-free.

The health interests of the populations in western countries must not be instrumentalized in the ongoing geopolitical power struggle. In the context of the dramatic escalation of tensions between the USA, NATO countries and their allies vis-à-vis Russia, China and other countries, intensive cooperation could perhaps even help to ease this very dangerous situation.

Russia, China and Cuba have provided massive aid to many countries since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. Despite the extraordinary efforts made by these countries by providing aid and developing vaccines and medicines, western reaction was mostly negative.

Cuba’s medical brigades have travelled to many countries affected by the virus and have even been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  As partners of the non-aligned movement, of which Cuba is a member, Russia and China have always emphasized the importance of peaceful international cooperation and consequently they delivered aid to the regions hardest hit by the Covid-19.

Nevertheless western states have continued their policy of sanctions against Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran, Yemen, Syria and other countries even at the height of this global crisis. Health and economic consequences are extreme..

Vaccines and medicines against Covid-19 must ultimately become global commons and need to belong to all of humanity. We all have to understand that a global pandemic can only be overcome globally.

At the same time all of us are against arbitrary extensions of lockdowns. In particular, if there are no major debates in Parliament anymore.

Vaccinations should be voluntary and attention should also be paid to other effective medical methods. Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Zinc, vitamin D, D3 and certain foods support the immune system and are therefore also very important in the treatment of Covid-19 patients and in preventive care.

The immense economic consequences of the lockdowns are very serious in many countries.

But profit interests of western pharmaceutical companies have ruled decision making in many countries.

Irresponsible dismantling or privatization of hospitals did also have very negative impacts. Low salaries in nursing and carehomes for the elderly urgently need to be addressed in some countries.

Some of the measures taken during this crisis are predominantly enforced against the interests of the working population and the socially disadvantaged. In contrast to large companies, small and medium-sized businesses and the self-employed have received very little or no support at all.

As a result massive market concentration is to be expected in various countries. UN-agencies have even warned of food shortages and widespread poverty in some regions.

At the same time the rich and super-rich have profited and western stock markets are skyrocketing.

The demand for international solidarity has never been more urgent. Russian, chinese and cuban vaccines and medicines must be approved.

The health system and the social system must be massively improved globally. The destruction of the environment, displacement, poverty and homelessness must be stopped. Therefore the development of a global policy of détente and a policy of disarmament is essential. Global armaments spending must be drastically reduced. And the super-rich must pay for the consequences of this crisis.

But we also need to clearly realize: The pandemic is serious, but it is not more dangerous to mankind than the danger of war and ongoing capitalist crisis issues!


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